Caped Crusaders

Season 12, Episode
Written by Brian Finch
Directed by Terry Dyddgen-Jones
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Missing in Action
Moving Target


Liz's sleep is disturbed by anonymous phone calls; Alec and Dean Farley dress as Batman and Robin; Vernon discovers that his late Aunt Aggie's house has been stripped bare.

Full SummaryEdit

Dean and Alec Farley play Batman and Robin. They chase The Joker and his gang all over the village and one day they see how Lefty Bates and his pal Chuck break into a building at a farm, which has been empty for years. The new owner James Bexley does not want the police to snoop about and hires the caped crusaders to locate the burglars. But the police have more important things to keep them occupied. A gang of counterfeiters has been operating all over the north and some of their notes turn up in Aidensfield. Dr. Merrick is harassed by anonymous phone calls. At first she thinks it is her former boyfriend again, but it turns out to much more sinister than that. Vernon's Aunt Aggie is dead and the family has been invited to divide the inheritance. When he and David arrive only the house is left. The house and a seemingly worthless table.


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