C'est La Vie

Season 16, Episode 1
C'est La Vie title card
Air date 29th October 2006
Written by Peter Gibbs
Directed by Roger Bambford
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Two months after the tragic death of Dr. Helen Trent in the Piolice House Explosion. Phil has gotten over Debbie's leaving him for her first husband who was not nearly as dead as she let him to believe, while Rob Walker has been away on leave after Helen's death. When Phil picks him up at the railway station they nearly collide with another car which ends up in the middle of a river. Rob saves the driver Les Cooper who is so grateful he decides to come clean, leave his former criminal life behind and make a fresh start. Oscar Blaketon tries to make Aidensfield twin with a French village where he spent his holiday. For that occasion he has invited some of his new French friends over for a big party and the first of them, Yvette Lenoir has already arrived. However Blaketon is none too pleased that Aunt Peggy's contribution will be fresh, local game. And with good reason! Carol Cassidy is the new districts nurse in Aidensfield, and she is worried about Jean Ashton who has discharged herself from hospital...