Bygones Be Bygones

Season 6, Episode 15
Bygones Be Bygones title card
Written by Peter Gibbs
Directed by 15th December 1996
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The Best Laid Plans
Old Friends

Joyce Jowett has just lost her husband when a stranger called Nigel Wheeler turns up in Aidensfield asking for him. He is a financial advisor and while he is in the area he might as well visit other potential customers. One of them is Jo Weston and PC Rowan decides to take a closer look at him. George Ward and other villagers have received malicious letters. The only lead is that they are all written on the same typewriter.


Heartbeat Series 6 Ep 15 - Bygones Be Bygones51:47

Heartbeat Series 6 Ep 15 - Bygones Be Bygones


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