Buried Secrets

Season 14, Episode 9
Buried Secrets title card
Air date 7th November 2004
Written by Peter Gibbs
Directed by Roger Bamford
Episode guide
Precious Stones
Stormy Weather
Don Tetley is looking for relics with a metal detector. He wants to search a building sit at the Ashfordly estate because there once was an old monastery, but is told to clear off by the contractor Bob Acott, but returns later during the night anyway. Tetley also gets a hard time from his wife and her lover. The next morning Tetley is found dead outside his cottage and most of his collection of findings has been stolen. Vernon Scripps gets a visit from his distant relative Gareth. He has a broken heart to mend, and by taking care of him Vernon hopes that there will be a little extra in it for him in his aunt's will. Gareth is really down in the dumps and Vernon asks Rosie to cheer him up a little. He has even two tickets for a concert with The Roaring Stones or something like that.


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