Brought to Book

Season 13, Episode 8
Brought to Book title card
Air date 2nd November 2003
Written by John Flanagan
Andrew McCulloch
Directed by Noreen Kershaw
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Waifs and Strays
State of Mind


Steve's mother returns from California; a young offender is armed and on the run; and Vernon helps a religious sect find a suitable meditation venue.

Full SummaryEdit

Oscar Blaketon has organized for PC Crane to take a group of troubled youths on a hike across the moors for one day. At the last moment they get an additional participant Carl Laxton, who is the cousin of Geoff, one of the other participants on the trip. But Laxton may have an ulterior motive to go on the trip. Of course Steve Crane's mother chooses that moment to pay her son another and more permanent visit by the looks of it. She has even got a job as assistant librarian under the supervision of Joyce Jowett. Needless to say they do not hit it off. Mr. Shahrishi is the leader of a sect which has just lost the place they were staying in, and while he enjoys the comfort of the Aidensfield Arms his followers must make do with a clearing in the forest, and he does not get on with anybody. He is on the lookout for at new place to stay, which gives Vernon Scripps an idea. At first Lord Ashfordly turns him down, but then changes his mind. Not a wise move on his part.


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