Bread and Circuses

Season 12, Episode 12
Bread and Circuses title card
Written by Neil McKay
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Sins of the Fathers
For Whom the Bell Tolls


Alice tells Bellamy her purse has been stolen and he lends her money for bus fare; Colonel Barber holds a garden party, Vernon discovers that David has allowed Charlie to park trucks containing exotic animals.

Full SummaryEdit

PC Bellamy set off in pursuit of a pursuit of a man, who supposedly stole the purse of Alice Armstrong. He does not catch the guy, but manages to retrieve the purse - minus her valet. He is sure he will catch the culprit, but it may take some time because a series of break-ins at fashionable estates keep the police in Ashfordly occupied. The burglar may be a member of a small circus, which Vernon Scripps puts up for the winter. Scripps persuades Lord Ashfordly to let the exotic animals graze on his estate and open a wildlife park. But they may get more than they bargained for when the whole circus turns up and the animals escape and scatter all over Aidensfield. Col. Barber is very fond of telling stories about his exploits during the war, but his memory may not be what it used to be. Maybe it never was?


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