Blood Brothers

Season 15, Episode 9
Blood Brothers title card
Air date 20th November 2005
Written by Peter Gibbs
Directed by Gerry Mill
Episode guide
The Good Samaritan
Burden of Proof
Vince Wain is visiting his ex-wife Brenda and their son Martin. While he is at their house he helps himself to their savings and is very surprised when Brenda goes to the police about it. During the following row Martin decides to run away and asks David to help him. They even become blood brothers and promise each other not to let each other down. Mr. Turner is cleaning windows at Ashfordly Hall when he is bitten by his lordship's dog Jack and demands that the dog is put to sleep. Lord Ashfordly even risks being charged in that he cannot prove that the dog is not a danger to the public - no easy task because Jack has quite a history in the biting department. Luckily for him help is not far away and Aunt Peggy offers to train him - the dog that is, not Lord Ashfordly

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