Blind Justice

Season 10, Episode 13
Blind Justice title card
Air date 21st January 2001
Written by Neil McKay
Directed by Paul Walker
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Safe House
Home Truths


Romance is on the horizon for Sgt. Craddock, PC Bellamy tries to solve his financial problems at the casino, and Vernon attempts to fix Lord Ashfordly's Bentley.

Full SummaryEdit

Sergeant Craddock attends dancing classes to keep up his dancing skills. He also has something of a soft spot for the dancing teacher Susan Finlay. That friendship is put to the test when her son Richard drives through Aidensfield like a regular Jackie Stewart and refuses to stop when the police want to give him a speeding ticket. Craddock lets him off with a warning, but the following night a little boy is run down by a hit-and-run driver, who may very well be Richard driving in her car. Lord Ashfordly is forced off the road by Richard's reckless driving. The petrol tank of his Bentley gets punctured in the incident and he takes it to Bernie's garage. But Bernie is out of town for a few days and Vernon becomes an instant expert on Bentleys when his lordship needs his car back badly.



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