Ben Norton

Ben Norton
Richard Lintern as Ben Norton



First Episode

Dangerous Whispers

Last Episode

In Sickness and in Health


Dr Liz Merrick (wife)

Ben Arthur Norton was played by Richard Lintern and appeared in 20 episodes in 2004.


Lord Ashfordly's estate manager, who caused a stir with some of the Ashfordly Estate tenants. Although they initially fell out over a tenant being made homeless, Ben and Dr Liz Merrick began dating and then married in the episode "In Sickness and in Health". They both left Aidensfield at the end of the episode to move to Kenya, where Ben had been offered a job.

Personality and appearanceEdit


Aidensfield village "bobbies" Edit

PC Stephen "Steve" CraneEdit

PC Robert "Rob" WalkerEdit

Met in the first episode of series 14. Got on well and became Friends. Ben asked him to be the best man at his wedding to Liz merrick. Rob was worried tht he would do a rubbish speech. Since he hardly knew Ben.

Ashfordly Police sergeantsEdit

Sgt Dennis MertonEdit

Other Ashfordly PoliceEdit

PC Alfred "Alf" VentressEdit

PC Philip "Phil" Montgomery BellamyEdit

Medical staffEdit

Aidensfield doctorsEdit

Dr Liz MerrickEdit

The village doctor, and eventual wife of Ben. Things got off to a bad start between them, due to him and Liz arguing over a tenant being made homeless. However, things began to improve and their relationship improved a lot so much that he asked her to be his wife! They eventually left to go to Kenya.

Dr Helen Walker 

Other medical staffEdit

Jenny MertonEdit

Aidensfield Arms staffEdit

Oscar BlaketonEdit

Gina WardEdit

"Loveable rogue" lineageEdit

Vernon ScrippsEdit

Aidensfield Garage staffEdit

Bernard "Bernie" ScrippsEdit

David Stockwell Edit

Recurring characters Edit

Lord Charles AshfordlyEdit

Ben first appeared in the episode Dangerous Whispers where he had been offered the job as Lord Ashfordly's estate manager. He and Liz Merrick originally fell out over a tenant being made homeless due to his plans to turn some of the cottages into holiday homes. Their last appearance together was in In Sickness and in Health where he attended their wedding, and said that he wished them all the very best.


Series 13Edit

  1. Dangerous Whispers
  2. Scent of a Kill
  3. Daniel
  4. One Thing Leads to Another
  5. No Hard Feelings
  6. Difficult Times
  7. Swansong
  8. Strangers on a Train
  9. A Call to Arms
  10. Muck and Brass
  11. Double Trouble
  12. Little Angel

Series 14Edit

  1. Money, Money, Money
  2. The Happiest Day
  3. Say It with Flowers
  4. Precious Stones
  5. Buried Secrets
  6. Stormy Weather
  7. Who's Sorry Now
  8. In Sickness and in Health



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