Bad Company

Season 15, Episode 25
Bad Company title card
Air date 2nd July 2006
Written by Peter Gibbs
Directed by Gerry Mill
Episode guide
The Dying of the Light
Accidents Happen
On her way home from night class Sandra Proctor is forced off the road by a hit-and-run driver. Alan Seddon's car was stolen outside the dance hall in Ashfordly. Alan is the son of Roy Seddon, the councillor on the police committee, and Sergeant Miller gives the case top priority. The car is found abandoned, and it turns out to be the car that hit Sandra Proctor. Alan is known for his wild driving and neither his girlfriend Hayley nor his best friend Paul can give him an alibi for the entire evening, so he may have caused the accident and reported the car stolen to cover his tracks. David is fed up with being ordered around by Aunt Peggy and accepts a job with the window cleaner Topsy Turner instead. But Peggy is not prepared to give up on him that easy.

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