Arms and the Man

Season 4, Episode 10
Arms and the Man title card
Air date 6th November 1994
Written by Jonathan Critchley
Directed by Tim Dowd
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Red Herring
Treading Carefully


Nick is called to the scene of a shooting accident at Cooper's farm and discovers a stash of wartime weapons. Meanwhile, tensions are rising between Nick and Kate as her practice in Whitby keeps her away more often.

Full SummaryEdit

Ron Cooper is an old army veteran with enough illegal weapons, ammunition and explosives to run his own militia. He gets injured when a rifle backfires and is taken to hospital. Unknown to him four boys have found his collection and they "borrow" a box of ammunition not knowing how dangerous it is. Furthermore Greengrass buys some hand grenades from Cooper's helper Morris and cleans out lord Ashfordly's entire stock of trout. Meanwhile Kate Rowan's work at Radcliffe's surgery in Whitby is taking its toll on their marriage and they start to drift apart, when Kate discovers that she is pregnant.


Heartbeat Series 4 Ep 10 - Arms And The Man52:15

Heartbeat Series 4 Ep 10 - Arms And The Man

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