Season 7, Episode 19
Appearances title card
Air date 18th January 1998
Written by Carolyn Sally Jones
Directed by Brian Farnham
Episode guide
Bad Penny
Local Knowledge

The Upton family returns home only to find much of their furniture stolen and most of the rest smashed to pieces. John Upton suspects Harry Somers, who has been seeing his daughter Ruth a lot against his wishes. The Uptons move to the Aidensfield Arms while their home is repaired, but Ruth is attacked, when she returns to the house in the evening. The upcoming artist Moira Hamilton has rented a cottage in the village and is very interested in some of Greengrass' old car parts. She even paints a portrait of the old scoundrel - well sort of. Greengrass and Bernie Scripps decide also to try their luck in the world of modern art.


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