Another Sleepy, Dusty, Delta, Day

Season 17, Episode 5
Another Sleepy. Dusty, Delta Day title card
Air date 16th December 2007
Written by Mark Holloway
Directed by Gerry Mill
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Love Story
Touch and Go


A young man's suicide is investigated by the police, but something more evil is uncovered. A German woman who is a dead-ringer for Peggy Armstrong also arrives in the village and causes much confusion when the real Peggy is suspected of distributing leaflets with pictures of naked people.

Quotes Edit

PC Geoff Younger has met Peggy's double.

PC Geoff Younger: There's two of you.

Peggy's double: Nein?!

PC Geoff Younger: Nine? I think you better come with me to the station.

Peggy's double: Why? I am not wanting a train.

PC Geoff Younger: No, but I am wanting an explanation. Do you know anything about a hare?

Peggy's double: Herr who?

PC Geoff Younger: Just a minute, how do I know you're just not Peggy putting on a silly voice?

Peggy's double: What is this 'Piggy'? Everywhere, all I hear is 'Piggy'. Is it ein small pig? Schwein?

PC Geoff Younger: Swine?! There's no call for that.

Pictures from the episodeEdit

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