Another Little Piece of My Heart

Season 16, Episode 14
Another Little Piece of My Heart
Air date 13th May 2007
Written by Susan Wilkins
Directed by Roger Bamford
Episode guide
Sleeping Dogs
Seeds of Destruction

Rosie is walking her aunts dog Snowy when Simon Langley-Smythe shoots the dog claiming it was disturbing his pheasants. The police cannot do anything because she was on private property. But PC Walker is not quite convinced this was the only reason and questions him closely. And he may be on to something. His wife Julie has just given birth to their first child and he is down on her because the baby cries all the time and evens beats her up. Bill Galloway has trouble with some children who have some fun letting out his sheep. PC Younger is assigned to the case, but they get away from him every time until Alf lends a hand. Gina and Phil announce that they are engaged to get married.

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