Always a Copper

Season 9, Episode 7
Always a Copper title card
Air date 7th November 1999
Written by Michael Jenner
Directed by Paul Walker
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Shotgun Wedding
Negative Vibes


The Chief Constable makes Blaketon organize a crime prevention committee. A burglar spills some blood when leaving a site of his crime, and Greengrass is a tourist 'guide' for Norwegians looking for Viking items.

Full SynopsisEdit

When PC Bradley answers to an emergency call about a break-in at Hampton's Brewery he nearly runs down Les Gulliver, who suddenly appears in front of him. Fortunately Gulliver is not seriously injured and will not press charges. But Bradley thinks there is something funny about him anyway. The chief constable has asked Oscar Blaketon to form and chair a crime prevention committee in Aidensfield, and Blaketon sees the robbery at the brewery as an excellent opportunity for his new committee to prove its worth, but not all committee members agree with him on how to do it. Greengrass is playing host to a group of Norwegian history students. The Norwegians are especially interested in historic Viking sites. Only there are not many of those around and he has to make some of his own. A new guest, Andy Ryan, checks into the Aidensfield Arms and he completely takes Gina's breath away.

Full Summary

Craddock is annoyed because the Chief Constable has asked Oscar Blaketon to organize a crime prevention committee while Mike and Jackie return from their honeymoon. Blaketon forms a meeting between locals and there are tensions because of recently unsolved burglaries. Mike ends up hitting a man called Gulliver who runs out in front of him after a local brewery is broken into. Elsewhere, Gina Ward is smitten with Andy Ryan, an Irishman, whom Blaketon suspects is behind the whole thing. Blaketon finds a knife and as well as money. But Jackie discovers that Andy is completely innocent because he is a deep sea diver, so it can't have been in. It is discovered that the Brewery was a job done by some of its workers and the other robberies were done by one of Blaketon's friends on behalf of Gulliver. Blaketon's friend is on the crime prevention committee. Claude Jeremiah Greengrass meanwhile tries to convince Norwegian students that there were Vikings near Aidensfield. He tries to get David to pain a picture of a Viking ship on a cave wall, but David completely gets the wrong end of the stick and adds space rockets and buses as well!

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