Aidensfield Surgery

Aidensfield Surgery
Aidensfield Surgery



Resident Doctor

Dr Kate Rowan

Dr Neil Bolton

Dr Tricia Summerbee

Dr James Alway

Dr Liz Merrick

Dr Helen Walker

Other Staff

Jenny Merton

Resident Aidensfield Police Officers (when converted into Aidensfield Police House)

PC Rob Walker

PC Joe Mason

District Nurse's Treatment Room Staff

Nurse Carol Cassidy


Dr Kate Rowan's own surgery from Series Four after Dr Alex Ferrenby’s death. The location of this can be found not far from Ferrenby's surgery – it’s almost just across the road. It is the small house with a white door next to a wall; very near to the bench and statue that is seen as the opening titles finish on the programme. During Series Seven Dr Neil Bolton takes over the village practice and in Series Ten this position is assumed by Dr Tricia Summerbee. Since then two more doctors have followed, Dr Liz Merrick and Dr Helen Walker (nee Trent,) with Jenny Merton (nee Latimer)as a Dispensing Pharmacist. Also, District Nurse Carol Cassidy is allowed to use the surgery part with permission from PC Rob Walker who used the house part as the new Police house after the old house got blown up, killing Dr. Walker.

Chronological Order of Resident Doctors who used the Aidensfield Surgery:

· Dr. Kate Rowan

· Dr Neil Bolton

· District Nurse Maggie Bolton

· Dr Tricia Summerbee

· Dispensing Pharmacist Jenny Merton (nee Latimer)

· Dr. Liz Norton (nee Merrick)

· Dr. Helen Walker (nee Trent)

· District Nurse Carol Cassidy