Aidensfield Police House

The original Aidensfield Police House



Aidensfield Police Officers

PC Nick Rowan

PC Mike Bradley

PC Steve Crane

PC Rob Walker

PC Joe Mason

Other Past Residents

Dr Kate Rowan

Katie Rowan

Eileen Reynolds

Jo Rowan

PC Phil Bellamy

Jackie Bradley

PC Tom Nicholson

Dr Helen Walker

The Aidensfield Police House accomodates the one Aidensfield village 'bobby' and his family (if any). The house has an adjoining room used as the Aidensfield Police Station. This is the Aidensfield police officer's main station as it is open to the public everyday from 9am - 5pm, but Aidensfield residents are able to telephone there at any time. Over the years, there have been two different police houses. In the episode, Accidents Happen, the original police house was blown up by a young boy in revenge for the death of his dog in a police chase accident. This sadly, also ended up killing Dr Helen Walker, the wife of PC Rob Walker who was also left homeless. He ended up moving into the Aidensfield Surgery, using the house building as the new Police House.



The inside of the Police House changed throughout the series with each charecter that graced it. The rules for the police house are that you can redecorate one room a year, this included a nursery for Katie Rowan one year. The Kitchen was often the centre of activity being directly attached to the office and has been home to many spoilt breakfasts due to urgent incoming telephone calls!


The Police House is simple in its dimensions being square set, with an office attached to it. There was also a relatively large garden with a greenhouse and lots of dry-stone walls. It had a Police light and large board sporting the word 'POLICE' above the blue office door. The house also had a one car garage and a large driveway.