Against the Odds

Season 9, Episode 20
Against the Odds title card
Air date 6th February 2000
Written by Johnny Byrne
Directed by Gerry Poulson
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The Good Doctor
Desperate Measures


When elderly Charlie Weller is found dead at the bottom of his stairs there is no suspicion of foul play until his nephew discovers he is written out of Charlie's will.

Full SummaryEdit

When young Lottie Turner returns from a horseback ride she finds her mother's employer Charlie Weller dead on the floor. According to a new will Charlie Weller leaves his whole estate to the Turners, while his nephew Martin inherits only some minor items of family interest. Martin Weller is unpleased with the terms of the will and he doubts his uncle's death was accidental. Greengrass has promised Charlie to look after Peggy Turner and her daughter, and he is not pleased when they are approached by Ray Walker, who wants to buy Charlie's upcoming racing horse Red Rover. When accidents start to happen at Weller's estate Greengrass is sure Walker is behind it. Samantha Neilson is a planner for the county council and she wants Oscar Blaketon's support in the council for a new industrial estate close to Aidensfield. Blaketon is in favour of the estate, but the old sleuth soon smells something fishy about the whole thing.

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