Absent Friends

Season 12, Episode 24
Absent Friends title card
Air date 7th September 2003
Written by John Flanagan, Andrew McCulloch
Directed by Paul Walker
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Mackerel Sky
Music of the Spheres


Vernon and Bernie have a weekend break at an exclusive hotel. A couple disappears and everyone pitches in to search for them and help run their farm. Jenny has misgivings about Merton's proposal.

Full SummaryEdit

Andrew and Beth Jarvis have been to a party for all the children in Aidensfield, but after the party their mother Linda does not show up to collect them. As a matter of fact neither she nor her husband have been seen since she had the family Land Rover filled up and serviced at Bernie's garage. Till they are found Dr. Merrick and Jenny take care of the children while Nathaniel Clegghorn keeps Phil Bellamy and Gina on their toes looking after the livestock. But they cannot go on indefinitely and Sergeant Merton organizes a search. Their neighbour Norma Weld may have an important lead. Speaking of Bernie's garage Vernon Scripps has a lot of plans for its future and invites Bernie to an expensive dinner at a posh hotel to discuss them. But Bernie is very satisfied with the way things are and will much rather be at home.


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