A Long Shot

Season 6, Episode 4
A Long Shot title card
Air date 22nd September 1996
Written by David Lane
Directed by Tim Dowd
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Forget Me Not
Something of Value


When a boy is caught stealing, his father tells Nick that he will handle the situation at home. When the boy shows up at school the next day with bruises on his arms, however, schoolteacher Jo fears the worst.

Full SummaryEdit

Harry Schofield's great ambition is that his son Len becomes a professional cricket player, but when Len is not accepted at cricket training, he runs away from home. Joss Harrop has a couple of mares he wants covered, but stud fees have risen and he cannot afford it. Greengrass has a perfect solution to that. They "borrow" lord Ashfordly's race horse Ashfordly Lad for a couple of hours and return the stud before anybody notices it is missing. That is a lot easier said than done. Not getting hold of the horse that is, but returning it!



Heartbeat - Series 6 - Episode 4 - A Long Shot49:43

Heartbeat - Series 6 - Episode 4 - A Long Shot

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