A Family Affair

Season 13, Episode 5
A Family Affair title card
Air date 13th October 2003
Written by Candy Denman
Directed by Frank W.Smith
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Fool for Love
The Holiday's Over

Joyce Carswell does not get along very well with her mother-in-law. The old lady dies under mysterious circumstances and it seems that Joyce has killed her. But her husband makes it look like the old woman's death was caused by a man, who has robbed several old people in Aidensfield by posing to be from the water board. Oscar Blaketon is making inquiries in a very serious matter. The Aidensfield Darts Trophy resides in the White Lion pub, but it rightfully belongs to the Aidensfield Arms. To settle the matter he and Angus Fergussson, the owner of the White Lion, agree on a final winner-takes-it-all match. David wants to play for the Arms, but when Blaketon will not let him try out for the team he joins the White Lion team instead.


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