A Dog's Life

Season 12, Episode 3
A Dog's Life title card
Air date 20th October 2003
Written by Gerry Mill
Directed by Susan Wilkins
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A Girl's Best Friend
Where's There's Muck


The County Sheepdog Trials are to be held on the Ashfordly estate and Vernon is asked to provide portable toilets for the event, Maureen Harding tries to obtain more medication for her depression, George Harding suspects Rawson's dog Jess of killing some of his sheep.

Full SummaryEdit

Tommy Rawson breeds sheep dogs and he the favourite to win this year's trials as it has done two years previously with his dog Jess. His nearest competitor is George Harding, who is a close friend of Lord Ashfordly and used to have things his own way. When he cannot win fair and square he will stop at nothing to discredit Rawson and have his dog disqualified. Harding's wife Maureen is hardly any better. She has got severe anxiety and expects Dr. Summerbee to prescribe her pills for it at will. Vernon Scripps is providing lavatory facilities for the trials and he soon discovers that it involves more than just putting up a tent or two. Good news for Sergeant Merton. His diabetes will have no bearing on his position as sergeant at the Ashfordly police station as long as he gets his medication.



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