A Call to Arms

Season 13, Episode 22
A Call to Arms title card
Air date 16th May 2004
Written by Jane Hollowood
Directed by Judith Dine
Episode guide
Strangers on a Train
Muck and Brass


Oscar Blaketon gets a visit from his old colleague Harry Hawkswell. Hawkswell is mistaken for the very prominent judge Yardley by a communist cell in Ashfordly, who has been ordered to kill him by their controllers in London. Unpleasantness's of another kind awaits Vernon Scripps. He is going to be inspected by the Inland Revenue because of the huge fortune he recently gained - and lost! But he still has some undeclared money and goes into the woods one night to bury it, when he is nearly killed by a puma. Or at least so he thinks.


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