A Bird in the Hand

Season 4, Episode 15
A Bird in the Hand title card
Air date 18th December 1994
Written by Jonathan Critchley
Directed by Matthew Evans
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Lost and Found
A Winter's Tale


Nick investigates a break-in at St. Michael's Church; Kate discovers a child ill from drinking unpasturized milk; and an Australian arrives in town looking for his missing twin brother.

Full SummaryEdit

Ronald Pitts wants to buy Tom Abbott's farm, but the old man does not want to sell. One morning his sheep have been let loose. Furthermore Kate Rowan suspects that there is brucellosis on his farm, because a young girl, Jane Shields, has caught the disease apparently by drinking unpasteurized milk from one of his cows. Greengrass is going to church. He has not become a holy man though, but he tries to get a reward for finding a lost heir and wants to look into the church records. PC Ventress still has not quite got the hang of driving. On a nightly patrol he parks his police car in the middle of a river trying to avoid a flock of sheep on the road. When he leaves the car to get help he hears an eerie scream.


Heartbeat Series 4 Ep 15 - A Bird In The Hand51:57

Heartbeat Series 4 Ep 15 - A Bird In The Hand

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